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Worldlink is an Introducing Broker of Instaforex - The Best Forex Broker in Asia.

A lot of forex traders have very bad experience in trading. Some of them experience constant losses, some traders see forex trading as a game that always end up in losses while some of them have even given up on trading. But we like to tell you that you can still make good profit from forex every week.

Forex is traded by central banks, commercial banks, corporate bodies, individuals. Forex is very genuine and secure.

Worldlink Unbeatable Forex Offers:

WorldLink has come to help traders make consistent profit from forex

WorldLink offers traders;


(1). Forex Managed Account:
Worldlink can help you manage your fund, trade forex for you and you will be earning more than 50% profit monthly. You can start with $100, $200, $500, $1,000 or more. With Worldlink, you don't have anything to worry about. You can withdraw your profit at any time. All investments with us are safe and guaranteed. We also replenish accounts if the balance becomes low. With us, profit is guaranteed. Our trading fee is $50. Here is a sample of our trading history. Snapshots of account history can also be sent to you upon request.


Closed Transactions:
Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S/L T/P Close Time Price Commission Swap Profit
2023059994  2014.03.20 14:44 buy 0.20 audusd 0.9016 0.0000 0.0000  2014.03.21 15:47 0.9070 0.00 0.14 10.80
2023093218  2014.03.20 23:04 buy 0.20 audusd 0.9041 0.9009 0.0000  2014.03.21 15:46 0.9068 0.00 0.14 5.40
2023095654  2014.03.21 01:30 buy 0.20 audusd 0.9039 0.9006 0.0000  2014.03.21 15:57 0.9066 0.00 0.00 5.40
2023096164  2014.03.21 02:08 buy 0.12 audusd 0.9039 0.9016 0.0000  2014.03.21 15:58 0.9066 0.00 0.00 3.24
2023100132  2014.03.21 04:40 buy 0.10 audusd 0.9057 0.9026 0.0000  2014.03.21 18:53 0.9086 0.00 0.00 2.90
2023107206  2014.03.21 09:16 buy 0.10 audusd 0.9072 0.9049 0.0000  2014.03.21 18:58 0.9085 0.00 0.00 1.30
2023152265  2014.03.21 17:06 buy 0.10 audusd 0.9085 0.9064 0.0000  2014.03.21 18:59 0.9088 0.00 0.00 0.30
2023152462  2014.03.21 17:08 sell 0.10 usdchf 0.8818 0.8834 0.0000  2014.03.21 18:02 0.8824 0.00 0.00 -0.68
2023162134  2014.03.21 20:03 buy 0.10 audusd 0.9096 0.9077 0.0000  2014.03.21 21:30 0.9077 0.00 0.00 -1.90
2023162638  2014.03.21 20:11 buy 0.10 audusd 0.9099 0.9073 0.0000  2014.03.21 23:29 0.9081 0.00 0.00 -1.80
  0.00 0.28 24.96





 To take advantage of this, you have open a new instaforex account with the information below;


To enjoy this service, you must open a new trading account with Instaforex through us. If you already have an account with Instaforex, then you have to open another account through us.

Follow these steps to open your account;

(A). To open a new trading account,  click here.

(B). Click "Accept Terms of Agreement".

 (C). Fill the form and Use this information:

        Leaverage: 1:200

        Account Type: Standard.

        Server: UK or Europe

        Do not click on 5 decimal places.

        Enter our Affiliate code: FAO

(D). Fund your account.  Click here to fund. If you find it difficult in funding your account, contact us at

(E). You can also enjoy 30% - 45% trading bonus. Click here


After funding your forex account, go to to pay the trading fee. After payment, contact us.


(2). Receive Daily Forex Signals.

We give out forex signals everyday on all mayor currency pairs. These signals are proven to be very good and profitable as forex accounts are being doubled every month. To benefit, you have to subscribe at a fee of $50 to qualify to use our signals. Go to to pay. We will refund your money if after one month, you do not make more than 80% profit.



(3). One-On-One Forex Training:

For you to succeed in forex, you need to learn. Reading it from books or online article will not help you. You need more than that if you don't want to end up losing all your money. You need one-on-one training. We can train you to trade better and make good money from forex. We will expose all the secrets to you. Our One-On-One Forex Training is done online lasting 2-4 weeks. It is done at your convenience.

When you learn how to trade forex, you are able to make money by yourself, become your own boss, set up a company and even employ people to work for you. There are so many forex agencies or companies out there.  The fee for our One-On-One Forex Training is $100. Go to to pay.


If you are making losses in trading or you are new to forex, then taking this training will benefit you a lot. We always give guarantee to all clients that if after one month of your trading, you are still unable to make at least 50% profit, we will refund your training fee to you.




(4). Forex Software:

Get this forex trading software for your forex trading. Works on all platforms and currency pairs.

Trading With Winning Solution System:

--Actual Trend Prediction(UP/DOWN)

--Mapping Area (makes your navigation much easier)

--Signal + Alarm (BUY or SELL) with fixed price (Level, Stoploss and Take Profit), example : - Sell Area GBPUSD @ (1.8857-1.8837), Take Profit @1.8796, StopLoss @1.8897

--Automatic Range & Pivot Calculator

--Easy to use


Price for this is $50. It comes with free installation manual.

Go to to pay.










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